Fender 62 Reissue Telecaster Reviewed

Published: 03rd November 2005
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One guitarist who plays country, rock and roll, and even the blues, finds that the Fender 62 reissue Telecaster is a great instrument for all three. He uses the pickups of the bridge when playing country music, for blues the neck pickup. His Fender 62 reissue Telecaster was designed in 1983.

This same guitarist has been playing for around thirty years. He bought his Fender 62 reissue Telecaster in the UK. It is a unique color of cherry gray and lighter than a Les Paul. He started out using his Fender 62 reissue, using it with a Roland processor and two twins operating in stereo.

Its difficult to change the strings quickly, is the only thing negative this veteran guitarist had to say about his 62 Fender. The reason is because the tuners are factory vintage. This reviewer gave the 62 reissue Telecaster a ten out of ten for reliability and durability. For repair or support he has never had to call customer service.

Another guitarist who has been playing his 62 reissue Telecaster for 20 years says the reliability is great. He has never had a problem with it, and continues to keep playing it.

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